Wiscasset Skating Center featured Maine's first and only Synthetic Ice Surface. The surface, manufactured by "Xtra Ice" in Spain,  (www.xtraice.com) is the only synthetic surface endorsed by the NHL.
Wiscasset Skating was a division of Monkey C Monkey Do, LLC, Maine's Premiere Aerial adventure park. A decision was made to purchase and install a synthetic surface to serve the local population as well as a means of adding a fall and winter season to the Adventure Park which only operates mid-April to Mid-October.
After deciding to purchase a synthetic surface, months were spent gathering information and reviewing the pros and cons of the different products on the market. Xtra Ice was chosen because it was considered by many to be the best in the marketplace, and because of its unique method of assembly. A "tongue and groove" system prevents the panels from independantly changing elevation thereby eliminating ridges from panel to panel, and the added "pegging" system secures the panels  ensuring that gaps cannot not develope between them and that the entire surface expands and contracts as one unit.
Since there is no plywood core as with some other manufacturers, there is also no chance of swelling or rot should water work its way into the seams.
The dasher boards are also of the highest quality and made of an impact resistant material.
The package is complete with 80 pairs of high quality "Blade Runner" skates of various sizes along with display racks.
A professional grade fully automatic skate sharpening system is also included.
The package was purchased in February of 2012 and installed for use in April of the same year. In May of 2013, the owners were unsuccessful in negotiaing a new lease, and a decision was made to put  the rink on the market  and to concentrate their efforts and resources on the Adventure Park.
Photos are provided which will show the rink inoperation both for hockey and public skating.
Further information can be obtained by:
e-mailing wiscassetskating@gmail.com
or calling Roland at 207-751-2866
Thank you for your time and consideration...
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